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The Grand Mayan Los Cabos

Los Cabos is more magnificent than ever thanks to comprehensive renovations and a host of completely new features. We're excited to share that The Grand Mayan has undergone sweeping updates that you really must see for yourself...

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JOYÀ by Cirque du Soleil

Taking place inside the spectacular grounds of Vidanta Riviera Maya, JOYÀ is Cirque du Soleil's most intimate show with 600 seats and also the experience offers a three-course dining and champagne option. JOYÀ is a true feast for the sense.

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Spectacular Updates in Acapulco

It's time to visit Vidanta Acapulco! Brand new Mayan Palace pools, completely renovated The Grand Mayan pools with a lazy river and common areas, and Epazote resturant are all open to explore!

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  • Discover the Exciting New Changes at Vidanta Acapulco

    Vidanta Acapulco is evolving and expanding with a bundle of exciting updates! New food, entertainment, and shopping options are making Vidanta Acapulco an even greater joy for adults, kids, and families.

    Guests are already loving the new Palacio Maya, a huge, multipurpose entertainment center and venue that features our favorite acts from the region. At Palacio Maya, you can see live music and percussion, fantastic circus and gymnastic acts, comedians, and more. Want even more entertainment? Head to the water for a season-long Pool Party at the Mayan Palace Playa Tower. Featuring daily entertainment with games, contests, and music from our fantastic resident DJs, the Summer Pool Party is fun for the whole family.

    Of course, the excitement doesn’t stop when the sun goes down—at Mondo you’ll find nightly theme celebrations with featured cocktails from international mixologists!

    After the party stops, Vidanta Acapulco just keeps getting better—we can’t wait for guests to see the new La Boutique and Mercado Gourmet, two fantastic new places for shopping and gourmet indulgence in La Plaza. Opening this November, La Boutique is your destination for accessories, clothes, and more. For someplace even more special, you have to check out the Mercado Gourmet—with a crêperie, wine shop, charcuterie store, and frozen yogurt stop, Mercado Gourmet is a world-tour of gourmet goodness. When you’re finished, be sure to head downstairs to grab authentic Mexican cuisine and drinks at La Cantina, or shop at our indoor "tianguis".

    There’s always lots to enjoy at Vidanta, and we’re making it even easier with an expanded Joy Squad activities program filled with options for kids, teens, families, and adults. Make crafts or delight in traditional Mexican games at the Joy Center, and head down to the wildlife sanctuary at Camp Tortuguero for an up-close experience with rescued turtles. Finally, end the day at Samba for our new Gastronomy Festival—a bold culinary journey with selections from our best restaurants!

    We can’t wait to see you at Vidanta Acapulco!


  • Meet Nuevo Vallarta’s New Tennis Pro

    Carlos Horta, professional tennis player and coach, just joined the Vidanta family as a full-time pro instructor. Here’s 6 things you didn’t know about the ATP World Tour Veteran. 

    1. He started playing tennis by accident.

      • Carlos didn’t always want to play tennis, but when he was seven years old, some friends convinced him to tag along to classes at a local club. Little did they know his talents would explode on the court. By the time he was a teenager, Carlos was dominating local tournaments, and would soon go on to compete nationally.

    2. Prepare to get motivated.

      • Carlos is a pro when it comes to getting experienced players to up their game. After an intense lesson, he loves to draw guests into a quick exhibition match. They always rise to the challenge—everybody wants to beat the pro! 

    3. Carlos has got big plans for tennis at Vidanta.

      • When he's not training, Carlos is focused on hatching up a brand-new tennis program. He’s already running clinics for adults and children of all skill levels, but the big idea is regular, resort-wide tournaments that let guests compete for the title of champ.

    4. He’s a Vidanta Veteran and a Mexico City native.

      • Although he just became a full-time Vidanta family member, Carlos has been in and around Nuevo Vallarta for almost three years as an external tennis player. The lush landscape at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is a big departure from the urban bustle of his hometown, and he’s come to love every bit of it.

    5. Roger Federer is his favorite tennis player.

      • Roger Federer may be the best athlete to ever play the game, so it’s no wonder that he’s a role model for Horta. Federer holds more than 35 world records, and continues to dominate the sport despite age and injury. Carlos strives to embody the same dedication as a coach and instructor.

    6. He’s here to have fun.

      • Carlos’ favorite part of teaching at Vidanta is helping guests learn the sport and get excited. No matter what your skill level, Carlos knows how to help you have a great time.

    Want to meet Carlos next time you’re at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta? Head down to the tennis courts and check out a clinic or private lesson.


  • Discovering Riviera Maya

    Next time you’re enjoying paradise at Vidanta Riviera Maya, keep an eye open for the astonishing and intriguing bits of history that surround you—names like “Balché”, fascinating patterns on the walls and ceilings, or fantastic rituals like the healing stones massage at Brio Spa. These things all draw influence from the same place—The Maya—an ancient and powerful people who were the primary inhabitants of the Riviera Maya region for more than 2000 years. The Maya built huge cities, advanced observatories, and great pyramids, and you can visit many of these while you’re staying at Vidanta!

    Chichen Itza, a massive Mayan-built city, is one of the region’s most popular attractions—visited by an estimated 1.4 million people each year. Chichen Itza once housed hundreds of buildings, and many remain intact today. Most impressive is El Castillo—a seven-story-tall pyramid built to honor the Mayan gods. Twice a year, during the equinox, sunlight bathes the western balustrade of the pyramid's main stairway. This creates a pattern that looks like a huge serpent thirty-seven yards long! Seven triangles form along the stairway until they join the huge serpent's head carved in stone at the bottom.

    There’s more than just history in Riviera Maya; the region is also full of incredible natural wonders! The Yucatan Peninsula sits above one of the world’s most extensive underground river systems. Often, these rivers open up into “cenotes”, circular sinkholes filled with fresh water. Some cenotes are open for scuba diving, and are considered among best dive sites on the planet. Divers and snorkelers can also enjoy Isla Mujeres, a gorgeous island just off the Mexican coast, accessible by ferry.

    Vidanta Riviera Maya is proud to echo the history and environment of the region. Buildings like the Cirque du Soleil theater are designed to accentuate the features of the land around them. You can also see Mayan influences across much of the grounds—but if you want a real taste, try heading to Nektar—this Yucatecan restaurant is brimming with Mayan re-creations, including Mayan “panuchos” with sautéed crickets, guacamole, and crispy pork belly. When you next travel to Vidanta Riviera Maya, take some time to visit a few of the amazing sites this region has to offer. Contact your concierge for tour and excursion info.

  • Announcing a Brand-New Vidanta Magazine!

    Since 2012, The Vida Vibe has been your source for insight and news about the world of Vidanta. We really enjoy working to bring you fresh updates each month, and after four years it is with eager anticipation that we announce that the Vida Vibe is about to evolve!

    We’re thrilled to reveal the launch of The Vidanta Traveler Online! Starting in September, The Vidanta Traveler Online will be your brand-new resource for everything Vidanta! This fresh online magazine offers expanded coverage and in-depth features into every aspect of our resorts, destinations, and events, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to you. If you liked The Vida Vibe, you’ll love The Vidanta Traveler Online. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Regular articles and updates that offer an even deeper dive into the world of Vidanta.
    • Interviews and special features with the people working behind-the-scenes to make your vacations so incredible.
    • News about upcoming events, concepts, and projects, so you can always know what’s next at your favorite destination.
    • A beautiful, easy to navigate layout that gives you fast access to new articles, as well as to the entire Vida Vibe archive.
    • A regular newsletter collecting all the hottest features of the last month.

    Keep a lookout next month for the very first articles from The Vidanta Traveler Online.

  • Art Available at Mercado México

    México is unique, a country that defies convention in favor of forging its own, bold path. This is reflected in its art—México is blessed with a rich artistic history famous for a powerful combination of classic European technique and indigenous themes and culture. Vidanta is proud to support and celebrate this esteemed tradition in the Mercado México at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, an enchanting gallery and market where guests can view and purchase art by talented local artists.

    Much of Mexican art has deep native rootsindigenous and outsider artists have long been drivers of culture and political expression in México. In the early 20th century, famous Mexican masters like Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamaya, and Frida Kahlo helped develop strong ties between fine art and México's cultural identity. As a result, art is considered an ethnic inheritance in México. This ethos is echoed in the works of thousands of Mexican artists today, and particularly in the lauded careers of sculptors and painters like Sergio Bustamante, Rodo Padilla, and Kiki Suárez. Their work can be found in galleries and museums across the country, or right here at Vidanta at Mercado México!

    Bustamante, a former architecture student, produces otherworldly enameled sculptures from wood and bronze, while Suárez’s whimsical paintings and copper etchings champion the importance of family, women, and nature. Mercado México also exhibits contemporary works from young designers and apprentice artists. There’s a vast variety of art available for purchase—beautiful folkloric sculptures, collages of found materials, tapestries, toys, rebozos, and more! Guests can also browse a carefully curated selection of popular crafts and wares such as jewelry, ceramics, shot glasses, and souvenirs. Everything in Mercado México is chosen with care and respect for the work of our people—and sold in support of their skills and traditions.

    Mercado México features different artists and presentations every three months; it’s a must when visiting Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. 

  • Executive Chef Neftalí Ponce Unveils New Ceviche at Vidanta Puerto Peñasco

    Resident Iron Chef Neftalí Ponce is bringing his signature style and inventiveness to bear with three variations of a brand-new ceviche recipe for guests of Vidanta Puerto Peñasco to enjoy.

    Ceviche may have originated in Peru, but many consider it to have been perfected here in Mexico. The huge variety of fish and seafood available off the coasts makes Mexican ceviche diverse and exciting, and chefs incorporate traditional local ingredients like green chilies, cilantro, and rich red tomatoes. Chef Neftalí’s decided to innovate even further with his new ceviche, unlike any other dish in Mexico.

    From the moment the plate hits the table, guests can tell they’re in for something special. The dish—which Neftalí has named Aguachile Sonorense—is a deep rich red, and the savory smell of roast chilies and garlic blends perfectly with the sharp tang of citrus. The meal’s unique flavor profile lends itself to a variety of proteins, including scallops and shrimp. Served chilled—as it must be—and accompanied by a side of fresh avocado and fine salsas, Aguachile Sonorense is truly a delight to taste. Chef Neftalí recommends a cold lager or refreshing michelada to accompany.

    Guests can enjoy the delectable Aguachile Sonorense at Ola Mulata or Balché (shrimp only), or learn to make their own in our ceviche cooking class! Held every Friday at 2pm, Joy Squad will teach guests how to make the perfect ceviche in their home kitchens.

    Can’t wait until your next vacation? Try out this special Vidanta ceviche recipe at home!

    “Mayan Palace” Ceviche


    • 500 g. Sole or Other White Fish
    • 500 g. Tomatoes
    • 500 g. White Onion
    • 1.5 kg. Cucumber
    • 60 g. Cilantro
    • 6 oz. Clamato
    • Chili Powder (to taste)
    • 80 g. Celery
    • Salt (to taste)
    • Black Pepper (to taste)
    • Oregano (to taste)
    • 700 ml. Lime Juice


    1. Cut the fish into cubes (1 cm) and set aside in a bowl
    2. Add salt and pepper (freshly ground) to taste, add lime juice to cover the fish cubes
    3. Marinate for 15 minutes
    4. Drain and squeeze with your hands
    5. Cut all vegetables into cubes (1 cm), mix with the drained fish, combine all ingredients
    6. Correct seasoning and add cold Clamato and finely ground oregano (to taste )
    7. Add avocado and salsas to taste with tortilla chips and crackers


  • Celebrate La Kermes at Vidanta Riviera Maya

    Come down to Café del Lago to take part in La Kermes—a Mexican tradition that’s fun for all ages! La Kermes, like a country fair in America, is a fun celebration where the whole family can enjoy merry games, delicious traditional foods, and exciting entertainment from Vidanta performers.

    Foodies will love the diverse array of traditional dishes served at La Kermes. Pork tortas, crispy street corn, savory tamalesall the classics of Mexican cuisine are prepared fresh. If you’re looking for something special, make sure you don’t miss out on trying a “marquesita”. A traditional Yucatecan dish, marquesitas are made from a sweet rolled wafer stuffed with Edam cheese and “cajeta”, a tangy caramel-like syrup. Wash it down with a refreshing “agua fresca”, or—if you’re in the mood—with a rich tequila from Jalisco, the drink’s birthplace.

    Of course, food is only a small part of La Kermes festivities. Guests can also play play classic games like lotería (Mexican bingo), as well as pin the tail on the donkey, marbles, and roulette. Finally, every night finishes with an energetic dance show from Vidanta’s best performers. Delight as dancers creatively exhibit styles from regions all across Mexico, including states like Yucatán, Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Tamaulipas, Jalisco, and Veracruz.

    You can enjoy La Kermes at Café de Lago, every Monday from 6:30pm-10:30pm. Entry and food tickets can be purchased at the nearby booth.

  • Golf with the Greats at Vidanta Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament
    Jul 15, 2016|Golf

    NBA Legend Ray Allen, MLB World-Series Champion Tim Wakefield, and NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sap—these sports heroes are just three of more than twenty celebrities taking part in the first-ever Vidanta Celebrity Golf Tournament. The tournament, which takes place October 13-15 at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, is your chance to enjoy daily rounds, private parties, and more on two of the most beautiful golf courses in Mexico. That’s not to mention the more than $50,000 worth of cash and prizes on the table.

    Each competitor’s entry fee earns them two tournament rounds with a celebrity partner, one on each of our expertly designed courses, the Nicklaus Design Golf Course and the Norman Signature Golf Course. The Nicklaus Design Golf Course at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is a natural and technical masterpiece. This 6,668 yard, par 70 course is forgiving to beginners, but is rimmed with seven lakes and 49 strategically placed bunkers that can challenge the most experienced golfers. Our new Norman Signature Golf Course offers a completely different type of play, full of new challenges and new triumphs to be earned. Seeded tee-to-green with lush paspalum grass, the Norman Signature Golf Course is a sight to experience. Both courses feature breathtaking views of the Sierra Madre Mountains, and are accessed by traversing the Ameca Bridge, the longest golf-cart suspension bridge in the world.

    Competitors will also enjoy a welcome party and gift, three meals from our expert chefs during the tournament, and an invitation to our lavish awards dinner where our winners will collect their prizes. For guests and spouses, we’ve included a complimentary spa treatment, so they can enjoy the luxury of total relaxation while their partner winds up on the course.

    Spots are currently open for The Vidanta Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament. Visit for more information.

  • Vidanta’s All-New Wellness Program

    At Vidanta, comfort and prosperity are our top priority for our guests, our employees, and the nature around us. Starting this month, we’re excited to expand that goal with The Wellness Program, a new opportunity offered at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta designed to guide you towards a fresh understanding of health and vitality.

    The Wellness Program as a whole is meant to help you strike a balance between your mind, body, and emotions, and develop a positive attitude towards wellness that you can carry with you long after your vacation ends. To aid that objective, the program is divided into two separate paths, each focusing on different needs and goals.

    The Jöy Squad Activities Program is our curated exploration of the best wellness activities Vidanta has to offer. Every guest is paired with a Jöy Squad leader who’ll guide them through exercise programs, delicious food and drink tastings, and even a tour or twoNuevo Vallarta’s rich history and culture is a pleasure to explore.

    That exploration is deepened in The Spa, Fitness, & Nutrition Program. This program is a personal adventure that blends fitness, restorative spa treatments, and nutrition with the culture and wisdom of ancient Mexico. Rituals and artifacts native to the region have been incorporated into our Spa Program. The treatments range from the familiar—the Tequila Massage—to the powerful and peculiar, like the Temazcal or shaman-led energy rituals.

    Alongside the innovated spa treatments come traditional fitness activities, as well as complimentary meals from the new Wellness Menu, designed by our executive chef exclusively for The Wellness Program. These unique dishes are also available for purchase for guests involved in the Jöy Squad Activities program.

    Interested in participating in The Wellness Program on your next vacation to Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta? Email your concierge for information, or click here to read more. 

  • Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Convention Center Brings Luxury to Event Planning
    Jul 15, 2016|Weddings

    Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is an architectural marvel that blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors with its towering palapas, lush gardens, winding wooden pathways, lake- and ocean-side patios, and backdrop of the dusky Sierra Madres. Now, a newcomer to the landscape is adding to that splendor.

    The Convention Center is an impressive, state-of-the-art professional facility seamlessly incorporated in the luxury and beauty of Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. Its 16,000 plus square feet of floor space and meeting rooms, not to mention its sprawling lake-side terraces, allow the center to accommodate thousands of guests. Every room in the facility comes with high-speed internet and streaming audio and video capabilities, as well as a full suite of presentation hardware in the larger rooms.

    When planning for the Convention Center began, our vision was to create event spaces that fully showcased the grandeur and magic of the Nuevo Vallarta grounds. As a result, the rooms that ring the Center are adorned with soaring floor-to-ceiling windows that capture breathtaking views of the Sierra Madre Mountains or the peaceful blue waters of our lake. An event at Vidanta always impresses, whether you’re hosting a family reunion, business meeting, or intimate gathering in our private halls and ballrooms, or running a full convention in our surreally beautiful, 75,000-square-foot Sanaturio. Whenever you book one of our facilities, you have the option of working with our dedicated service team—caterers, event planners, expert tech support, and more can help make your event smooth and spectacular.

    Of course, sometimes a special celebration—a wedding, a baptism, or an anniversary—needs an extra touch. Those moments find their home in one of our two Secret Gardens. Tucked away in gorgeous, secluded groves, these meticulously landscaped gardens are perfect for a wellness retreat, convention, or wedding. The lush grass and cool shade of lofty trees and ferns make these gardens truly magical locations for up to 200 guests.

    Coordinate with our planners or caterers to make any event a memorable one. Contact our Events Team at

  • Spreading the Happiness: Vidanta Acapulco Hosts Children from the Fundación Mazahua
    Jun 20, 2016|Memories

    The Vidanta resorts are founded on the idea that families everywhere deserve to experience the happiness of a wonderful vacation full of beauty and relaxation. That’s why we partnered with Viajemos Todos Por Mexico—which translates to “We All Travel Mexico”—an organization committed to promoting the mutual benefits of travel to both travelers and tourist destinations through innovative programs and events. Together, Viajemos Todos Por Mexico and Vidanta sponsored a trip for thirty children from the Fundación Mazahua, a non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for rural communities in Mexico. The kids were flown to Acapulco to enjoy a vacation at Vidanta Acapulco, filled with exploration, adventure, and plenty of fun. 

    To catch a glimpse of all their adventures, check out this video.

    Viajemos Todos Por Mexico was created with the aim to make travel more available for all segments of the Mexican population. Their goal is to help expose all Mexicans to the rich cultural, historical, and educational benefits of exploring their country while also supporting the economies and creating jobs for tourist locales across the country. The national campaign strives to make travel affordable through offers and promotions, and provides special programs for those who don’t have any means for travel.

    In support of this national movement, Vidanta Acapulco hosted the children for a stay that included an itinerary packed with activities, tours, and shows. From living it up on the Aqua Park, to helping release turtles into the wild at the turtle sanctuary, to exploring the beach and surrounding area, their visit allowed them to see and explore a new region of their country while also enjoying the luxury of a resort setting.

  • The Park: Grupo Vidanta’s Bold Vision Featured on Cover of Forbes México
    Jun 14, 2016|Memories

    We’re excited to announce that Grupo Vidanta was featured on the cover of the May/June edition of Forbes México. The profile highlights Grupo Vidanta’s incredible forthcoming contributions to Mexico’s tourism sector—an exciting partnership with fine-dining/lifestyle industry leader Hakkasan Group, and The Park, a new immersive entertainment collaboration with Cirque du Soleil. Grupo Vidanta’s Founder, Daniel Chávez Morán, is also featured prominently for his daring leadership in the field of Mexican tourism. The Park is described by Forbes as, “an ace up [Chávez Morán’s] sleeve,” a tremendous and fantastical venture set to disrupt the Mexican entertainment industry like never before.

    Grupo Vidanta is no stranger to creating magical entertainment. In 2014 JOYÀ, Cirque du Soleil’s first resident show in Latin America, premiered at Vidanta Riviera Maya. JOYÀ, which recently celebrated its 500th performance, has been a smash hit in the region, playing to sold-out audiences and winning critical acclaim. Now, we are excited to have embarked on our next challenge: creating one of the most original and imaginative entertainment destinations in the world.

    The goal of The Park is to fuse Cirque’s singular immersive entertainment experiences with Vidanta’s innovative approach to luxury vacationing. The magnificent end result will be a fantasy land where families from all over the world can explore a world beyond description. Boasting soaring structures and lush forests with hidden secrets, The Park promises to plunge attendees into a magical realm of acrobatics and adventure. The Park will be the crown jewel of Grupo Vidanta’s current development plan—the lead player in a $1.3 billion endeavor meant to further establish Mexico as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

    The Park is slated to open at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta in 2018. Once open to the public, Grupo Vidanta estimates it will receive a million visitors in its first stage, and two million more when its next stage is complete by 2021 or 2022. This mega-park will be at the forefront of new vacation models that combine the world of hospitality with family entertainment.

    Check out the Forbes México article (in Spanish) here, and look for more information about The Park in upcoming posts!


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